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Tips for Choosing Your Kitchen Layout

There are a few things you need to consider when you’re selecting a new layout for your kitchen. If you’re in the market for new home construction in Jacksonville, FL, or looking to upgrade your current home, then these tips are applicable.

At Collins Builders, we’ve done many kitchen upgrades for customers over the years and know that the first consideration most people deal with is size. Ideally, space limitations wouldn’t be an issue, but the reality is that our customers have a specific area to work with and need a kitchen that fits and makes the best use of the available square footage.

Before we go any further, though, we should remind you that it’s a good idea to think about the size of your family and not just the kitchen space you need now, but your requirements in the future. Do you anticipate additions or family members moving out on their own?

For small spaces, a galley kitchen is a good option that makes the most of a long and narrow room, in a condo, for example. A one-wall layout is good for both small and large kitchens and can easily be adapted into your plans for new home construction in Jacksonville, FL. It allows for good traffic flow but does not offer a lot of counter space.

The L-shaped is good for adding an island while the U-shape offers good workflow and space for extra cabinets.

Bedroom Layout Mistakes You Could Be Making

Great home design in Jacksonville, FL, is all about avoiding wasted space. That doesn’t mean you have to cram furniture into every area of the building, but it does require a little bit of expertise. When it comes to your bedroom, a few layout mistakes could leave you less cozy than you could be. As you set up your space, consider a few of the following tips:

Fill In Empty Areas — If your bedroom feels more like a cave than a comfortable refuge, it might be because you’ve left a lot of empty space at the foot of the bed. Try adding a bench, couch, or storage to improve the aesthetic and add functionality.

Don’t Block Your View — Natural light and a look at the outdoors both make your bedroom feel more welcoming. You might be able to open up your windows by consolidating furniture and compensating with a nice area rug.

Avoid Sterile Design — A pop of color, a potted plant, or an extra chair can take your bedroom from feeling like a hospital to being a part of your home.

Decorate with Purpose — Only add what works for your space. Need storage? Figure out the best way to incorporate it. Have prominent windows? Try dressing them up a bit for extra style. When you know the reason behind your choices, you take ownership of your bedroom’s design.

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Living Room Decorating Tips

Your living room is a central part of your home. It’s where you can entertain guests, relax with loved ones, or catch the big game. Since it’s such a versatile space where you’ll spend so much time, great décor is a must. Whether you’ve just finished new home construction in Jacksonville, FL, or want to change things up after years of the same look, you can make the most of the project by:

Building from the Ground Up — Start with a nice area rug or carpet. A comfortable foundation goes a long way toward making your space feel cozy, and it’s always best to begin with larger elements that define the room’s overall look.

Follow Up with Seating — From couches to futons, your seating also takes up a fair amount of visual space. Plus, it isn’t cheap! That makes it valuable to build the décor around these larger elements, rather than trying to tie them in at the end of the project.

Finish Out with Fine Details — Larger parts of your décor define the space, but it’s the little things that make it truly unique. Don’t forget about window treatments, sources of light, and some eye-catching end tables.


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Picking the Right Number of Beds and Baths

Building a custom home should be an exciting experience, but all the possibilities can make the details of your design difficult to pick. That includes answering one of the most important questions for any residential project: how many bedrooms and bathrooms should you include? If you aren’t sure about the best number to meet your needs, check out these tips from our knowledgeable home builders in St. Augustine, FL:

Balance Your Budget — While it’s always nice to have more space, every room you add can extend the cost of construction. That doesn’t mean you should try to cut out as much space as possible. More rooms are often worth the investment, but it’s important to work with your contractor on pricing changes to make sure you get a satisfying balance of rooms and rates.

Keep a Little Extra Space — You never know when you might want guests over or need an extra bed for a friend in a tough situation. Having a spare room and bathroom can come in handy, and you can always convert the area into a home office or creative space down the line.

Live Comfortably — The whole point of building your dream home from scratch is having the freedom to live your way. Consider your family’s needs and how best to meet them. An extra room here or there can give kids their own space, or keep them from having to cross the house to get to a bathroom.