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Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Some new homeowners add a bathroom to their plans as almost an afterthought. It’s not that they forget to include one, but it doesn’t figure as prominently as the kitchen or family room or bedrooms. Our team at Collins Builders believes it should have as much importance as those other rooms, and we’re here to tell you why.

As your local home builder in Ponte Vedra, we’ve built a large number of houses over the years and seen many bathroom design mistakes in older homes we’ve renovated. We’ve also seen and corrected flawed bathroom designs in new plans before construction.

We can’t stress enough the importance of a large bathroom, one that’s as big as you can fit comfortably into your home. You are going to spend time in there daily, and don’t want a cramped one. When you’re brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t be crowded against the shower door. Make sure to tell your local home builder in Ponte Vedra you want a spacious bathroom.

In plans, include lighting and electrical components in the initial design, not as add-ons. Think about humidity levels and make sure your washroom has excellent ventilation and air circulation. We can’t stress enough the need for ample storage space and the benefits of having non-slip flooring that resists water.

Your bathroom is part of your castle, and with a little planning, it will be fit for royalty.