woman decorating a spacious room

Looking Back at the 2010s — Design Trends

The last decade was an exciting time for interior design. With new trends, growing movements, and style revivals, there was plenty of inspiration for the future. Take a look back at some of the most popular and attractive looks that our St. Augustine home builders encountered in the 2010s.

A Mid-Century Comeback — Design trends tend to get recycled, and the returning styles this decade were largely popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Whenever there’s a design revival, however, it usually comes with new perspective. The mid-century craze is no exception, with a fresh take on a classic aesthetic.

Sustainable Setups — With increasing awareness of climate and environmental issues, many homeowners are switching to sustainable design features. From energy-efficient windows to ethically sourced materials, green living drove many trends in the 2010s, and will likely grow in influence in the next decade.

Picking Plants for Style — Speaking of green, the influx of millennial consumers brought a renewed interest in indoor plants. From small pots to space-filling figs, flora features are still growing in popularity. In addition to looking great, many see them as a healthy way to encourage self-care, since plant parenthood has a positive effect on many people’s mental state.