Craft Your Own Personal Spa with the Right Home Design in Jacksonville, FL

It’s not a stretch to say that one of the most frequented rooms in a home is the bathroom. For many homeowners, a bathroom is just that — a plain, old bathroom. But it can be so much more. Turn your bathroom into something greater — your own, personal spa-like oasis. Follow these tips for improved home design in Jacksonville, FL.

Bring in the Green

Add a splash of color with the addition of a few decorative shrubs. Vary their size and variety to get the most out of this effect. Place them on floating shelving or hang them from the ceiling for a truly unique look. Even better, hang dried eucalyptus in the shower or near the tub for a fresh, calming scent that the steam from the hot water will carry throughout the entire space.

Hang Decorative Robes

Don’t settle for an ordinary towel. Create an air of elegance by installing ornamental hooks right outside your shower to hang cozy bathrobes. Getting out of the shower has never felt so posh than when your personal robe is waiting for you.

Keep Your Products on Display

When one is an avid bath taker, their drawers and cabinets are usually cluttered with bath products. While it’s tempting to keep everything hidden away, we instead suggest that you put your products on display! By installing decorative shelving and investing in apothecary-style glass jars, you can keep bath bombs, soaps, and bath salts out in the open for everyone to see, creating a unique, but elegant home design. Even better, when you need to use one of these products, you won’t have to dig through cabinets to find it.

If your bathroom doesn’t have room for a full shelving unit, a smaller, three-tiered unit or even a mini-basket will do the trick. Place these next to the tub; then, everything you need will be within arm’s reach.

Make a Few Upgrades

While this one might sound a little obvious, you’d be surprised at the amount of unused potential bathrooms have. Something as minor as upgrading a showerhead to a rain-style head or one with a number of different jet settings does wonders for enhancing your shower experience. For a more involved upgrade, adding a backsplash or new tile flooring with complementary colors will enhance the overall feel of your bathroom. Or you could upgrade all of the hardware to a flashy gold or an always elegant bronze. Your choices for home design are endless.