Creating Zones with Flooring in Your New Home Construction, Jacksonville, FL

Openness in the home is prevalent in newer home blueprint designs. The idea of a brightly illuminated space is appealing and economical; it’s no wonder many home buyers and homeowners are opting for open floor plans. However, the lines that dictate where one space begins and another ends are a lot more blurred. The different areas in our homes are referred to as zones, and it’s essential for workers in new home construction in Jacksonville, FL, to know about it.

To maintain an open concept and mark the zones in your house, you can change the flooring in each different space. Playing with flooring can make your home exciting and still maintain the style and essence that make a home modern and stylish. Changing the flooring type to carpeting in one area and tile in another adds dynamism to an open concept home. When planning your home, you might feel less inclined to try bolder colors or patterns, but it may just be the touch your home needs to give it dimension.

But what if you’re long past the new home construction phase? Perhaps you’ve moved into a home in which all the floors are the same, and you’re looking for a way to add more separation to your zones. Using accessories like area rugs can help you create a semblance of difference between spaces that may have previously looked like it was all clumped together.

Subtle Changes

Another way to differentiate each zone of your home is by blending the flooring. Try changing the stain of the wood or maybe using a different type of vinyl – play with both the look and feel of an area. Flooring can have different textures and colors when it comes to the use of vinyl, carpeting, or natural wood. It’s something that should be taken into account for new home construction projects.