Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cozy

Is your living room functional but lackluster in appearance? Looking to make it a warm and cozy space? Not to worry. You don’t have to be an interior designer to understand home design in Jacksonville, FL. All it takes is a few simple tricks to add a touch of warmth and comfort to your living room.

Refocus the Room

If your living room is currently organized around a large TV, it may be time to adjust. You don’t have to ditch the TV altogether, but consider mounting it on the wall so that it is up and out of the way of other furniture or above the fireplace if you have one. In front of your couch, add a few armchairs facing the couch to create a more natural, conversation-focused layout.

A Holistic Approach

There’s nothing more inviting than a space that emphasizes the basics. Holistic living is more popular than ever, and it now extends to your living room design. Incorporating healthy, natural materials into your design keeps things simple and comfortable. Organic textiles and woven fabrics make for a softer, warmer living space.

The Details Matter

If your current living room is a little barren, it doesn’t take much to bring warmth into it. Beyond changing the colors or textures of your walls, consider just adding a few items to the room to boost its warmth and comfort:

  • Floor Lamps with Warm Lighting
  • Large Framed Photos or Prints
  • Bookshelves with Plenty of Books
  • Soft Throw Pillows in Various Sizes
  • One or More Throw Blankets

If you need any assistance in making your new living room more inviting, our team of local experts is always happy to provide helpful tips and advice.