open floor plan kitchen

The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

Here at Collins Builders, we love the open floor plan. This approach to home design emphasizes the communal nature of shared spaces. Since the open floor plan is becoming more and more popular with custom builders in Jacksonville, FL, and across the country, we’ve provided an overview of the benefits of this layout.

Natural Lighting

Open floor plans typically omit as many interior walls as possible. This allows for more natural light to enter the home and for the light to be better dispersed. Since there is typically always one side of the house that receives more sun than the others, this can help avoid the age-old problem of some shared spaces being brighter and warmer than others.

Larger Space

With an open floor plan, it isn’t about the square footage of the home, but how the space is organized. With fewer walls to break up space, the main area of your home automatically feels larger and more airy. Most custom homes feature taller ceilings in order to open the space vertically as well.

Entertainment Value

For those who enjoy hosting parties and get-togethers, an open floor plan provides plenty of entertainment space. Everyone can gather together in one room and intermingle without needing to squeeze past other guests.

Kitchen at the Center

Kitchens used to be very utilitarian and kept hidden behind walls and even doors. Nowadays, the kitchen is an integral part of the home. The open floor plan emphasizes the importance of the kitchen as a gathering point for family and friends, and most custom home builders will add a bar or tall countertop for guests or family to sit at while someone is cooking.