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Home Design Trends 2018

It’s finally 2018, and with a new year comes new trends to track! When it comes to home construction, some trends tend to stick around for a few years and others are simply updated with a new twist. At, we want to keep our customers happy and excited with their new construction homes, so we like to keep an eye out for these popular trends. Below, we’ve outlined some trends you’ll be seeing in homes in 2018.

Islands – Kitchen islands are great additions to any kitchen, but in 2018 they’re getting a twist. If you’re in need of extra counter space in a somewhat monochromatic kitchen, consider a contrasting island. This is 2018’s new way to revamp your current cooking space with something simple that will catch eyes.

Tiled Walls – This trend is making its way into houses in numerous ways. Square and other geometric tiles are being used not just as decorative backsplashes in kitchens but also as entire walls.

Bars – Another new way to enhance a more traditional kitchen is with built-in bars. These can be anything from traditional and mild, to lit-up focal pieces that grab attention. Built-in bars not only allow you to add more counter space and storage but also make party-hosting a breeze.

Learning about these new house trends can help you discover what you want in your perfect home. If you’re looking into new construction homes in St. Augustine, FL or the surrounding area, consider enlisting professionals that can help you get all the features you want. Learn more about new construction homes at or by calling (904) 371-0882.