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As kitchens increasingly become the centerpiece of new homes, the amount of products to choose from for your new kitchen have expanded dramatically. No longer are you limited to the basic double bowl stainless steel sink, the combinations of materials, colors, and designs available allow you to make the hardest working item in your kitchen into an amazing design element as well!

Farm Sinks
By far the most popular sink style right now, the farm sink (or apron front sink) gives you the largest sink area while still staying in a standard sink base size. These sinks are usually 9-10″ deep, and the apron front design allows you to take advantage of the full width and depth that is normally covered by a countertop in an undermount sink. Farm sinks come as single bowl designs as well as divided, and some stainless steel versions have a divider that only comes up half the height of the bowl, so you still have room for long items like cookie sheets. These sinks come in a variety of materials, so they will work in any design style. Farmhouse or traditional kitchens often choose a white version, where more transitional or modern styles work well with a stainless steel sink. Copper, composite, and enameled sinks are also an option if you prefer a more unique look.

Undermount Sinks
Undermount sinks get their name because they are attached to the countertop from underneath, making it easier to clean your tops and provide a seamless look to the sink area. These sinks come in a variety of design styles, allowing you to choose one that fits your needs the best. In divided styles, you can choose from a traditional 50/50 split, which gives you 2 bowls of equal size. A 60/40 split gives you one bowl that is bigger than the other, which can be ideal if you have larger pots or your family creates a lot of dirty dishes each day. A single bowl option gives you the maximum room in the sink, which can be a nice feature if you rarely handwash dishes. Undermount sinks come in the same materials as apron front, so you can match your countertop or color scheme very easily. Rounded and square corners allow you to further customize the look of your sink, making the undermount sink a very popular option for any kitchen.

Additional Sinks
Besides the apron front and undermount sinks, there are a few other designs that might benefit your kitchen. Console sinks are very large and do not sit in a cabinet, but have legs on the front for support. These are perhaps the ultimate farm or vintage style sink, with enameled white exteriors and exposed plumbing. If you do a lot of entertaining or cooking, a separate prep sink is always very helpful. These sinks have a single bowl and are smaller in size so that you don’t have to sacrifice much countertop space. If you are planning a coffee bar or a morning kitchen, a prep sink or a small trench sink is a wonderful option to include to really increase the functionality of that space. Adding these items during construction is relatively inexpensive, and can really make the task of food preparation much more enjoyable!