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Every master bath shower we design with our clients is unique. Some are more of a rectangular, some are more squared off, some have bench seats, and some have more than one entrance. No matter what the shape, shower glass is an important design component for both function and style. Glass enclosures fall into 3 main categories: framed, frameless, and fixed.

Framed shower enclosures have a metal frame that goes all the way around the glass and shower door, and are the included shower enclosure for our homes. The frame and handle come in chrome, brushed nickel, bright brass, or oil rubbed bronze. Shower doors on these enclosures open out into the bathroom only, and include a discreet handle attached to the frame. These enclosures allow you to open the shower up to the main bath visually, and the various finishes can add a pop of color for additional design impact.

Frameless enclosures use a 3/8″ thick, structural glass with minimal frame and hinges. The handles are large and fixed to the glass door, while small but heavy duty hinges and clips hold the door and glass panels in place. Some shower configurations require the top of the enclosure to have a metal bar for stability. The metal parts come in the same finishes as the framed enclosure. Frameless shower doors swing both directions, allowing you to open the door into the shower or into the bath. They also allow you to have a full wall of glass and still include a bench seat. These enclosures add a luxurious feel to the bath and provide an unobstructed view of the shower, which further incorporates decorative shower tile into the design scheme of the bath. Frameless shower enclosures are a very popular choice for our clients, and can really elevate the feel of your master bath.

The final category for shower enclosures is fixed glass panels that are inserted like a window into an opening in a walk-in shower. These panels allow light to enter the bath when a shower is behind the tub. This dramatic look also creates a large shower, often with two entrances for a true luxury design. These panels can also be used in a wall to let light into the shower when you don’t want a full or half wall of glass.

We love helping our clients design the showers that suit their needs best, from a hidden walk-in to a shower wrapped around the tub. Whatever your layout, adding the right type of shower glass can help you create the design you desire with the function you need. We look forward to walking you thru the shower design for your new master bath!