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A beautiful bathtub can create a stunning centerpiece for any master bathroom. They come in several configurations, designs, and materials; and new innovations in hydrotherapy allow these tubs to create a relaxing, as well as healing experience. Secondary bathtubs are also available in different designs and materials, allowing you to enhance the design of guest baths as well. Whether you prefer freestanding, drop in, round, or rectangular, there is a tub that can meet your design needs.

The first thing to consider when designing your master bath layout is what kind of tub you prefer. Freestanding tubs work well in front of a shower wall or in an alcove. The tub fillers can either mount on the tub itself, mount on the floor on legs, or mount on a wall. Part of the design process with our customers is to discuss how a freestanding tub can fit in their plan design and where they want the faucet placement to be. These types of tubs can come with or without air jets, and many models also have optional heaters, which keep the water from cooling off while you are in the tub. Freestanding tubs often create the perfect spot for a dramatic tile or paint accent wall, giving your master bath the ultimate designer look.

Drop in tubs are installed in a tub deck with either tile or cabinetry on the surround, and tile or granite/quartz on the top. These tubs are an excellent choice when you have a smaller space to work with, or for extending out into the bath in front of a shower. Drop in tubs come in several shapes and sizes, with the most common being oval or rectangle shape. There are several kinds of hydrotherapy options with these tubs, making them a place to assist in healing injuries or joint and muscle pain. They also have optional heaters as well as lighting options to create a true spa experience in your own home. Tub fillers for drop in tubs are usually mounted on the tub deck, but a few can also be mounted on a wall or even from the ceiling.

All tubs for the master bath and secondary baths come in either acrylic or enameled cast iron. Acrylic is a light weight cost effective option that allows for dramatic designs. Enameled cast iron is a heavy duty, solid material that resists chips and scratches. For secondary baths, acrylic tubs allow you to coordinate the lines of the tub with the toilet and sink designs for a unique custom look. Farmhouse styles are enhanced by the Kohler Archer tub, while a traditional design could use the Kohler Devonshire. The Kohler Villager tub is a popular choice with clean, simple lines and the durability of cast iron.

As we walk with you thru the design of your home and its interiors, we can help you decide which tub best meets your needs. With the advancements in design, materials, and functionality, both master and secondary tubs can become an integral piece of the overall look of your bath as well as increasing the quality of life for you in your home.