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Interesting Interior Design Styles to Bring into Your Home

When building a custom home, take the time to make plans for the inside, as well as the outside. This consists of the furnishings you select to make that new house your home. Today, you have plenty of styles from which to choose. Feel free to decorate all in one fashion or mix it up. What’s most important is that the home design in Jacksonville, FL, works for you and your family.

Two questions to ask yourself about design include:

Are the furnishings harmonious and attractive?

Does the space flow for easy functionality?

Home Design Styles to Consider

Here are some of the most popular styles for home design today:

Maximalist — Mix patterns, textures, colors. And, add rugs, art, and tchotchkes.

Minimalist — Keep it simple, spare, and uncluttered.

Scandinavian — Select understated furniture with clean lines, made of natural materials.

Art Deco — Combine curved shapes in furniture with rich jewel tones for a striking look.

Eclectic — Choosing what pleases you and works well together, despite a difference in styles.

English Countryside Chic — Inspired by French shabby elegance, this style mixes it up with antique pieces, lots of patterns — especially florals — and feminine colors.